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  • Barlow, Janice (University of Delaware Center for Community Research and Service, Newark, DE, 2019-06)
  • Stangl, Christopher Michael (University of Delaware, 2019)
    Atmospheric nanoparticles are suspended particulate matter with diameters of 100 nm and smaller, and present a deleterious impact on human health and global climate. Particles within this size range can effectively alter ...
  • Zhou, Mingyuan (University of Delaware, 2019)
    The plenoptic function describes a scene in terms of light rays, it is a 7-dimensional function with spectral, directional, spatial, and temporal variation. Traditional plenoptic sampling is acquired either by employing a ...
  • Lee, Andrea H. (University of Delaware, 2019)
    Tendinopathy, degeneration of tendon that leads to pain and dysfunction, is common in both sports and occupational settings, but the mechanisms for tendinopathy are still unknown. Many studies attribute the initiation of ...
  • Cark, Petra (University of Delaware, 2019)
    The late-nineteenth century is characterized by a massive expansion in the volume and variety of printed texts, which in turn nurtured new strains of literature and art and provided space for radical experiments in genre ...

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